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  • Production of the wear-resistant tool on the most advanced equipment
    gives the chance to let out production of the increased accuracy.

  • The high-tech alloy of its own technology allows
    to compete with the most advanced foreign analogues.

  • In our company we produce end mills
    for many industries

  • Production of carbide drills from the plant "TWINTOS"
    size range from 2 mm to 35 mm in diameter.




Drills are one of the most common cutting tools types. They are designed to perform following operations:
- drilling through and blind holes, including conical;
- hole chamfer removing;
- end surfaces alignement in cylindrical parts for further processing.

JSC STP "TVINTOS" specializes in solid carbide drills manufaturing with different spiral and cutting edges sharpening angles. We produce drills

 with working part diameter from 2 to 25 mm of the following types:

- cylindrical spiral;
- all types of centering;
- step;
- conical;
- holes with chamfer-making drills. 

All drills are made of fine-grained hard alloy, allowing to process billets from a wide variety of materials, including:
- structural steel;
- alloy steel;
- increased hardness high-carbon steels (up to 65 HRC);
- medium strength stainless steels;
- hard-to-process stainless steels;
- various types of cast iron;
- non-ferrous alloys;
- plastics;
- wood;
- composite material.

Drill design and cutting edges sharpening angles choice depends on the properties of the material to be processed. Drills diameter and cuttign parts length vary in a wide range.

Drills are usually made with cylindrical shanks. However, by customer request, it is possible to manufacture drills with conical or other shank types.

If there is a technological need to feed coolant directly into the cutting zone, then the drill design is modified to provide two holes in the drill body for supplying and removing coolant. Coolant feed is used when drilling hard-to-process materials, such as hardened steels.

If needed, special PVD or CVD coatings such as AlCrN, AlTiN, etc. are applied to the drill. Such coatings usage improves tool performance, such as hardness and wear resistance.

Moreover, coated drills have increased red hardness, which means that cutting material retains high level of mechanical properties at high temperatures, which allows high processing speeds. Using high-quality hard alloys in drill production as well as coatings applied can significantly increase tool lifetime.

By customer request, JSC STP "TVINTOS" produces and supplies drills, recommendations on drilling modes coolang usage.