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Serpukhov Tool Plant

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  • Production of the wear-resistant tool on the most advanced equipment
    gives the chance to let out production of the increased accuracy.

  • The high-tech alloy of its own technology allows
    to compete with the most advanced foreign analogues.

  • In our company we produce end mills
    for many industries

  • Production of carbide drills from the plant "TWINTOS"
    size range from 2 mm to 35 mm in diameter.




Инструментальный завод Твинтос

Serpukhov tool plant «JSC TVINTOS»

was founded in 1934.

Plant is specialized in tungsten carbide tools.

The main products of the plant are carbide tools of high accuracy used for processing materials of different hardness, from aluminum to hardened steels. Diameter varies from 2 to 22mm with length up to 180mm.

Tungsten carbide end mills  with diameter from 2 to 25mm of different shapes and dimensions with diameter from 2 to 25 mm applied for materials in a wide range of hardness. Tungsten carbide countersinks

All our products are subject to strict quality control.

Carbide end mills are manufactured of carbide rods produced of fine grained tungsten alloys made by the world leading manufactures such as Guhring (Germany).

Configuration of end mills and their wear resistant coatings on the basis of new nanotechnologies ensures, while optimal efficiency, high quality and durability and also enlarges the time of their useful life.

Modern equipment

Resources of JSC “STP “TVINTOS” include modern CNC 5-axis grinding centers of western companies and scientific and technical potential what makes it possible to produce the tools of high quality. There is a process of permanent investigations at the plant to create a new generation of cutting tools.

Main tendecies are:Цех завода
  • - to upgrade the tools material;
  • - to use new ultra-fine hard alloys;
  • - to develop a definite helix angle and shape of teeth grinding for the material applied and type of equipment;
  • - to use modern wear-resistant coatings.

Our factory is equiped with a unique MES-system which allows to increase productivity significantly and to automate whole production cycle.

We always want to see our customers satisfied with our products and we try to meet almost every requirment, thats why we accept private orders according to customers drawings.

We work all over Russia and can supply finished products to almost every customer. Delivery of the tool is carried out in any convenient for the customer way, and any type of transport.

Results of the comparative tests carried out at the leading enterprises of aerospace industry, engineering and shipyards in Russia and in former Soviet republics show that our products are not inerior in quality to foreign analogues.

Our customers: JSC "KAMAZ", JSC PO "Sevmash", JSC "KnAAPO them. Gagarin", JSC "Molot", JSC "Elektrosila", JSC "Izhorskiye Zavody", JSC "Leningrad metal works", JSC "turbine blades Factory", OAO "Kaluga turbine plant", JSC "ZiO-Podolsk", GP npkg "Zorya-mashproyekt", JSC MIC "Engineering", OJSC NPO "Energomash im. academician Glushko", JSC "VACO", JSC "Metrowagonmash", RUE "MAZ", RUE "MTZ", JSC "Admiralty shipyards", JSC "Baltic plant" and more than 1,500 enterprises of different spheres on the territory of Russia and CIS countries.